Quick overview

What I can do?

George can process video ,webcam stream or file. George AI is specialists on the practical application of Artificial Intelligence

Select mode

George AI can run in many modes. Object recognition, Motion detection, Tracking object, Traffick detector and much more.

Save Results

George AI can save the result from the processing to video file. You can also edit your records.

How to run

George AI is a software for the Windows platform. Include all necessary to run program without any installation.

George AI

Who is George AI?

George AI Object recognition

George is a free software solution for advanced video processing based on AI and neural networks.

George uses a set of precalculated neural networks to better recognize an object. Because of that George can better processing video without any special additional hardware or software.

Let George AI detect objects in the real-time and save the result in a video.

Use the advanced tracker algorithms for better object tracking.

The adaptative motion detector can processed your video and save only motion detected video.

Analyze the traffic, humans body, age, gender, face and much more with George AI.

What you can do with George?

George AI is the easiest and feature-packed application for Object recognition,Face age and gender recognition include tracking, motion detection and much more features on Windows platfom. You don't need any additional skills or packages. Just download, install and try. Yeah, that simple..

George AI George AI George AI George AI

Object recognition based on super fast custom model.

Track and trace object from a webcam or video file.

Advanced motion detection saves video only with a motion detected.

George AI can process webcam stream or video file and save the result to video.


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Download the lates version of GeorgeAI.

George AI0.1.7

Size200 MB


Below we’ve provided a bit of George AI functions and some most frequented question. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is George AI?

George is a free software solution for advanced video processing based on AI and neural networks. George AI includes a set of the advanced analytic method used artificial intelligence and neural network for processing video input. The simples answer is George AI bring for you advanced solutions for video or image processing together with AI and Neural networks with a simple interface.

You can use GeorgeAI on video processing. Track the object, Advanced motion detector, Traffick, and human tracker and many more. Like an example, you can let George AI processed your record from safety cam and George AI generates video only with a detected motion.

Yes. GeorgeAI using for object detection model based on YOLOv3. You can simply replace a G1.cfg ,G1.weight and G1.names for run your model via GeorgeAI.

Yes, that is possible. We can modify George AI according your specific requirements. Just contact us.

George AI Modes

George AI have includes some specific mode. You can choose from

Search result on internet.

Object Detection Mode - Recognize object from webcam, file or stream.

Face Detection - Detect Face.

Age and Gender Detection - George AI try to recognize gender and age

Tracker Mode - George Ai tracking selected object. Try different algorithms for different tracker results.

Pedestrian Detection - Detect humans.

Traffic Detection - George AI try to recognize Cars.

Motion Detector - Advanced Motion detector. You can also let George AI process the Video and results is the video with a motion detection

That is simple. You can record your detection if you click on record button. If you recording you can pause and then continue with a recording or you can change a George AI mode. Another option if you work with a video file is playing in a loop, jump to specific frame and other functions. When you stop the recording results be saved to George AI folder. New record gets a new timestamp.

Few modes support that. You can make a some adjustment according to mode if you click on menu Settings.

Minimum software requirements

George AI is compatible with Windows 7 64 Bit and up. All necessary is already included in the one file.

George AI is really flexible software. But minimal requirements for the run is 1GB or RAM memory and webcam. Generally : quicker PC => faster processing => happy person